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Los Californianos Picture Library
Origin & Purpose

In 2005, the establishment of the Picture Library as a demonstration project was approved by the Board of Directors.

Historical information about the early California period is both scarce and not easily accessible. Several factors have contributed to this state of affairs, ranging from insufficient funding, to the geographic dispersion of sources among 3 countries: US, México, and Spain.

Even scarcer is the availability of paintings, drawings, pictures, and portraits. Because of the close-knit nature of the families who lived in that period it is very common for any and all of our members to have at least one common ancestor with at least one other member. It is therefore that this aspect presents an interesting and unique opportunity for Los Californianos:

"By utilizing our organization as a sharing network for pictures related to the Early California period, members can not only extend their Family's Genealogical Album but also contribute to the preservation of Alta California's Heritage".

Library Submittal Policy  

To submit pictures (or other graphic material) just follow the following guidelines:

  • Fill out and sign the Picture Submittal & Release Form.
  • Pre-requisites: any media, size and format: print, film, glass; large or small; framed or not which can be handled in normal daylight conditions.
  • Accepted content:
    • Material dated 1768-1848 in Alta California regardless of who is in the picture.
    • Material with at least one person who lived (or ancestor of) between 1768-1848 in Alta California, regardless of where or when the picture was taken.
    • Material containing sites (structures, locations, landscape, monuments, houses, and others) of interest from the Alta California's Heritage perspective.
    • Pictures of persons who were born prior to 1900 and who were direct-line descendants of persons living in Alta California between 1768 and 1848.
    • Unidentified pictures are also welcome.
  • Bring material and Picture Submittal Form to the next Quarterly Meeting (see latest issue of Noticias or sub-pages under Meetings on Web site for meeting details).


Library Sharing Policy  

Material from the Los Californianos Picture Library is only available to members of Los Californianos and according to the level of sharing allowed by the submitter of the material and specified in the Submit Form.

To request material from the library members should fill and submit the Copy Request Form.

Additional Information  

For further details, queries and special arrangements please contact Luis Marmolejo-Meillón

Technical Note  

Submitted material is duplicated using a photographic technique to minimize the physical handling of your cherished pictures so they are not harmed in any way.

Unless special arrangements are made, this process is normally performed during the Quarterly Meetings and is usually very fast with submittals ready to return to the submitter before the end of the meeting.

The cataloging and archival process (annotation, storage, retouching) is usually more involved and is not performed during the meeting.



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