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Latest Update:  19 May 2015

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This page is for the exchange of genealogical information relevant to
early (pre 1848) Hispanic Californians 
(also called Californianos or Californios) and their descendants.
We will include both question and answers, for the benefit of all the cousins of the questioner.


Los Californianos does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information appearing on this page. It was collected and submitted by a family history enthusiast just like you, and has not been verified. When you use this information, please realize that it is meant to be a research tool, not a source of completely error-free material. The genealogical information provided here should be a starting point from which you continue your research. Please take the necessary steps to verify all information before permanently adding it to your own collection of family information. La Tejedora


Pregunta 764 - 19 May 2015


This NEW Pregunta is in reference to existing Pregunta 104 of 18 November 2002:

I am an Argentinean. My great great grandmother, María Concepción Castro Peralta, was born in the San Francisco Bay area in 1835. I can’t afford a membership but I thought I could publish a query in your Web site. María's father was Guillermo Castro Garcia and her mother María Luisa Peralta Alviso. I am looking for more data about her ascendants and, if it is possible, some pictures. Thank you. [Ramiro Chaves Guevara (nonmember), Buenos Aires, Argentina]


Pregunta 763 - 15 December 2014


I am looking for information on Ignacio Soto and his daughter Leandra Soto who were in San Francisco.  Is there a family tree?  Leandra was born there in 1828. 

Thank you, [Patrick Orozco, non-member]


Pregunta 762 - 11 November 2014


I am looking for any history regarding Brigido Arce or Loreto Arce from La Purisima, Santa Rosalia, or Loreto.  The spouse's name was Maria Catalina Ruiz.  I am not sure of the birth years, but all of the individuals lived between 1900-2000.  Thank you.  [Albert Arce (non-member), Walnut, Calif.]


Pregunta 761 - 28 September 2014


James Stokes is my 7th great grandfather and I have lost most of our history info, since my father's passing.  Does anyone have a picture of James or Maria Stokes and their parents' information?  I believe James Stokes married the widow Maria Josepha Soto in 1844.  I am descended from their son William.  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  [Dayna Gough (non-member), Shasta Lake, Calif.]


Pregunta 760 - 5 September 2014


I have traced ancestry to Lucia Alipas, who is listed as native American, but which tribe?  She married Francisco Lugardo Salgado, a Spanish soldier, whose brother was a

Jesuit missionary stationed at Loreto.  I'm guessing they may have lived in the same area.  Lucia and Francisco had a daughter, Maria Lugarda Salgado, who wed Juan Maria Romero.

Does anyone have information as to tribal connections?  [Mary Ryan (member), San Francisco, Calif.]


Respuesta a Pregunta 760 - 14 October 2014

I have been doing research about Loreto for a book I am writing and came across information about your ancestor
Francisco Salgado.  He is mentioned in the book ANTIGUA CALIFORNIA by Harry W. Crosby in Appendix D - Founders of Peninsular California Families 1697 - 1767 (Page 420).  His name is listed as FRANCISCO GABRIEL SALGADO Born 1730, died pre- 1787.  His wife is listed as MARIA LUCIA ALIPAZ.  Their marriage was #279 at El Rosario.  That appears to be a mission that was located in Baja California.  Here is a link to information about that mission: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misión_Nuestra_Señora_del_Sant%C3%ADsimo_Rosario_de_Viñacado.  The Indians in that area were the Cochimi's.  Although Francisco was enlisted in the Presidio at Loreto in 1765, he served at northern missions the remainder of his career.  If he and Maria were married at the mission at El Rosario there is a good chance that she was from a tribe in that area.  I hope this helps you.  [Darlene Craviotto (member), Goleta, Calif.]


Pregunta 759 - 10 August 2014


I am looking for Jose Pablo Briones's children.  I need the information for daughter Teresa who was born in 1867.  I do not have a date of death.  Can someone help me?  Thank you, [Sally Staley (non-member), Chico, Calif.]


Pregunta 758 - 26 May 2014


I am looking for information for Candelario Miramontes, who died in 1846.  I wish to know where he was buried. I assumed it was in Half Moon Bay (at the time he was there it was called Spanish Town). After emails to the genealogy and historical society I learned he was not buried in Spanish Town / Half Moon Bay but it was suggested he died and was buried in San Francisco. So I wanted to find out where he was buried. I assumed at Mission Dolores but they have not found any records of him there at the time of his death.  After doing more research I looked in a book I own, "Seventy Five Years in San Francisco" by William Heath Davis. He places Candelario Miramontes as living in San Francisco at the time of his death. I cannot find any documents to support that but believe it to be true. Still it does not say where he is buried. I checked with the Presidio in San Francisco because Miramontes family had property there and lived near or by El Polin Springs. They had no record of this family.  It's a mystery to me where he is buried. I'm not sure where else to look or just accept that at least I know now he died in San Francisco.
What a mystery this is for me. I don't know if anyone else has any information on this family but I keep hope in learning where he was buried. I believe his wife returned to Half Moon Bay and was buried there.  [Laura Andrews (non-member), San Francisco]


Pregunta 757 - 19 May 2014


I am searching for information on Rafaela Lopez Noriega and her family. Her parents were Jose Maria Lopez and Dolores Noriega (as reported in the 1900 Mexican census in Aqua Caliente, near Tijuana in Baja California). Her children were: Virginia, born 1861; Elena, born 1866 in Los Angeles; Fulgencio, born 1869 in Los Angeles; Epifanio, born 1870 in Los Angeles; and Rodolfo, born 1874. Rafaela may have died in the 1874 to 1880 range in California. Two of her children, Epifanio and Fulgencio, were counted in the 1880 census for the Pajaro Valley Male Orphanage Asylum in Watsonville, California, Santa Cruz County, which listed their mother as dead. Members of the family later lived in Yuma, Arizona and in Mexicali and Tecate, Baja California, Mexico.  [Mary Kennedy Lorona (non-member), El Cajon, Calif.]


Pregunta 756 - 19 May 2014


I am seeking information about Jesus de Arce, born 1860 (?).  Son of Buenaventura Arce 1790-1870.  [David Dennis Arce Jr. (non-member), Welches, Oregon]


Pregunta 755 - 13 January 2014


My wife, Mary Marvin Knox Norris, member #1811, was descended from the Ontiveros family. The first ancestor was Teodoro Ontiveros born in 1720 in what is now Sinoloa , Mexico. There were two other generations born in 1744 and 1772 in Sinaloa, Mexico. Do these three generations count toward the generation count. The first generation born in what is now Alta California, was born in 1795 in Los Angeles, so she is either ninth generation or sixth generation. How is this treated?  [John Norris (spouse of member)]


Pregunta 754 - 13 January 2014


I am looking for information regarding Jose Antonio Dolores Vasquez, born 1819 in Monterey, Calif.  [Richard Sanchez Vasquez (non-member), Surprise, Ariz.]


Respuesta a Pregunta 754 - 19 May 2014


Jose Antonia Dolores Vasquez is one of my Great, great, great, grandfathers. I'm his descendent by way of his daughter Guadalupe Tanquerina Leitner/Vasques. I've spent a lot of time poring over census records, voter registrations, Great Book entries, and family trees publicly shared by some of Jose Antonio's descendents, and I'm willing to share links to the information I've found in publicly available online records. Folks back then played fast and loose with name spellings in records, even the Mission Padres were guilty, but even with the spelling inconsistencies there are usually other circumstances like locations, ages, dates that corroborate and support the data. Likewise, but certainly not necessary, if you'd like to sharing info about the Vasquez heritage I will be grateful. Regardless, you're welcome to email me your contact info and I'll give you links to what I've tracked down so far.


Pregunta 754 - 13 January 2014 (more).
Sorry, I just posted a reply to Pregunta 754 but forgot to mention the following facts. This should be enough to push Richard a little farther down the trail.  From San Luis Obispo historical newspapers:
Josefa Amesquita de Basquez, wife of Don Jose Antonio Basquez. died January 5, 1870. Mother of 21 children, 12 of whom were alive at the time of her death, 6 boys and 6 girls.

The article didn't specify where she died, but the US Census report of 1870, which was enumerated in July of 1870, shows
Jose Basquez as a farmer living widowed with 8 kids in Morro Township, Cambria Post Office, in San Luis Obispo County.

Also per historic San Luis Obispo newspapers:
Jose Antonio Vasquez died in Arroyo Grande, May 8, 1890 at a respectable age, for the time, of 67 years old. No luck at all yet in tracking down his grave.

 oldandindaway@gmail.com  [R. Sablehus (non-member), Tucson, Arizona]


Respuesta a Pregunta 754 - 2 February 2014


There is a good deal of information about this individual, his parents and his own family available at the Early California Population Project website, http://www.huntington.org/Information/ECPPmain.htm. Refer to baptismal records SCL-03123 (Jose Antonio) and SCL-00216X (his father Felipe); also marriage records SC-01086 (Jose Antonio to Josefa Amesquita) and SFR-00468 (Jose Antonio's parents). Jose Antonio had several siblings, and he and his wife had at least three children baptized in California. Note for your searches that surname spelling may vary, e.g. 'B' or 'V', 'S' or 'Z', etc. Also be aware that this individual had a younger brother named Jose Antonio Dionisio. Happy hunting!  [John Ortega (member), La Crescenta, Calif.]


Pregunta 753 - 13 January 2014


Santa Barbara- Dover- Guevara- Cota-Verdugo -- Any info on William Dover, English sailor who married into  the Jose Canuto Guevara family (going back to Roque Cota)?  Born in 1820 England ended up with buddy Pratt (shipwreck?!), and citizenship papers were handwritten signed by Pablo de la Guerra. Adobes of Santa Barbara book gave me this info.  Wife Inez Guevara, daughter Josie Dover had a few marriages. Would love  pictures of Josie (died 1958 ish) married a Lopez, a Newton (mine), and a Bainbridge. Thanks!  [Marian B. (non-member), Calif.]


Respuesta a Pregunta 753 - 2 February 2014


Oral family history identifies William Dover and William Charles Pratt as cousins who ran away from a boarding school in England. No further info. There is a book at the Santa Barbara Historical Library which has a brief discussion of them being on a ship that went aground in Santa Barbara. It also mentioned that they lived in the ruins of the pilot house. The name of the ship is not mentioned. This same book, which I believe is entitled HISTORY OF SANTA BARBARA further discusses William Dover. William Pratt also married one of the Guevara sisters and they settled in Ventura, CA.  [Bill Nuget (member), Ojai, Calif.]


Pregunta 752 - 13 January 2014


With the use of DNA, I am trying to prove that Maria de los Remedios Josepha Antonia Eayrs, the daughter of Maria Antonia de la Ascension (Stewart?) was of Polynesian origin and the granddaughter of George Stewart, a midshipman of the HMS Bounty. To do this, I need to locate a female direct descendant of the above two women. So far, I have determined that the following women who were born in Alta California prior to the end of the Mexican War meet that requirement; Manuela Burke, Remona Burke, Maria Thomasa Flora Sparks, Manuela Flora Sparks, Maria Luisa de Jesus Olivera, Maria Josefa Olivera, Maria Francisca Olivera, and Maria de los Angeles Francisca Olivera. Other descendants born after the end of that war may also exist and meet the direct female requirement.  I will be glad to pay costs for any direct female descendant of the above to obtain their DNA.  The story of the Eayrs daughter was recently presented in a copy of the "Notices" under by name. She is, in my opinion, the first American child born in California.  [George Gray (member), San Diego, Calif.]


Respuesta a Pregunta 752 - 26 May 2014


Mrs. Green;  Actually as far as I have found, "Peggy" Eayrs was actually never married although she had children by both Burke and Sparks.  She lived with Sparks for many years but he evidently had left a wife in MO as he came west and, as a good Catholic, he couldn't marry her. I have been in contact with her and Sparks descendants. But not any of the descendants with Burke.  As you know, my quest is to find a direct female descendant of her or her mother to obtain a mDNA sample from them to match with Tahiti mDNA to determine if the female origin of the two is from Tahiti. The female mDNA is passed from mother to daughter and no males can be in the line. So far all my contacts have involved contamination by having a mate in the descendants line.  If you find such a direct female descendant women, please contact me.  I have submitted Eayrs family info to Ancestry.com and so has Bob Elroy Smith who is a descendant of "Peggy" Stewart.  [George Gray (member), San Diego, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 752 - 25 May 2014


Dear Mr. Gray,  First of all, I am not related to any of the people in your query, but I am also trying to unravel the relationships of this family. I am a writer working a history of the Mesa area of Santa Barbara where Albert J. Packard owned some property. According to information that I have found, Manuela Burke Ayres married Packard in 1847. According to a family tree on ancestry http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=1852californiastatecensus&h=198193&ti=0&indiv=try&gss=pt&ssrc=pt_t3819270_p-1559820491_kpidz0q3d-1559820491z0q26pgz0q3d32768z0q26pgplz0q3dpid
Manuela is the daughter of James W. Burke and Maria de los Remedios Josefa Eayrs. Other information that I have found indicates that Maria de los Remedios Josefa Eayrs was married to Isaac J. Sparks, another Santa Barbara gentleman. Something doesn't add up. Any ideas?  Regards,  [Betsy J. Green (non-member), Santa Barbara Calif.]


Pregunta 751 - 13 January 2014


I hope that someone can help me find my great grandmother's birth mother, she was adopted by the Vasquez family in San Benito, Calif. Leonarda Contreras was born in Monterey County Calif. 1869-1872, her father married a margarita Valencia  in San Juan Calif. at the mission in 1870, I'm not sure Leonarda was born with her name because I can't find anything until 1880 census, when she married  at the San Miguel Mission; her marriage register said her father was Miguel Contreras and her mother was Margarita  Valeireia firada?? (last name unreadable).  I just did my DNA, and I have Native American ancestry which comes from her. I want to know why she was adopted ? and what happened to her parents?    Tank you.  [Kelly Brown (non-member), Ventura, Calif.]




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