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This page is for the exchange of genealogical information relevant to
early (pre 1848) Hispanic Californians 
(also called Californianos or Californios) and their descendants.
We will include both question and answers, for the benefit of all the cousins of the questioner.

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Los Californianos does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information appearing on this page. It was collected and submitted by a family history enthusiast just like you, and has not been verified. When you use this information, please realize that it is meant to be a research tool, not a source of completely error-free material. The genealogical information provided here should be a starting point from which you continue your research. Please take the necessary steps to verify all information before permanently adding it to your own collection of family information. La Tejedora

Pregunta 190 - 6 April 2004

I am looking for verification of any early Spanish explorer or Californian who was on top of Mission Peak in the Mission San Jose de Guadalupe area, now Fremont, Calif., and who may have used "conquistador-style" spurs during the Portolá exploration, de Anza exploration, or Moraga exploration time-period. Can anybody help me? [Roan McClure (nonmember), Cave Junction, Ore.]

Pregunta 189 - 6 April 2004

Note: I am including this query on the off chance that someone is aware of Alta California Cotas who returned to Baja California and who might be the ancestors of George V. Cota. La Tejedora
As far as I know, my grandfather, George V. Cota, was born in La Paz in 1898.  He then moved to Central California, Oxnard, Guadalupe Calif. to be exact.  Through my studies at Long Beach State, I became aware of a Manuel Cota, who was a rancher in California during the early 18th century.  I'm just wondering if there is any connection to my and my father's name? [Manuel Richard Cota Jr., (nonmember) Westminster, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 189 - 14 February 2016

There is a Manuel Antonio Cota, son of Bartolome Joseph Cota, grandson of Pablo Antonio Cota.  There is a Jose Manuel Vito or Victor Cota, son of Francisco Anastasio Cota, grandson of Pablo Antonio Cota. Then there is Manuel Antonio Cota, son of Pablo Antonio Cota. So lots of Manuels.

It is my understanding that
Andres Cota, and his son Andres both came to California and then returned to Baja. Then there were Andres' sons who stayed in Baja: Pedro ceytano and Cristobal.  [Lynn Adams (member), Escondido, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 189 - 22 September 2004

My Great, Great, Great Grandfather was Manuel Antonio Cota.  His parents were Pablo Antonio Cota and Rosa Maria de LugoManuel was born 23 January 1779 at Mission San Antonio (California) and died 23 August 1826 and is buried at Mission San Carlos (California). He first married Maria Gertrudis Romero about 1779 and had 7 children with her.  He later married Maria Josepha Boronda on 29 September 1817 and had 1 child with her. My information was provided by Avila Gardiner and is recorded in the Church of Latter Day Saints' Family History Center under AFN: 2NTX-HG. [Howard Smith (member), Trinity, Fla.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 189 - 3 May 2004

Yes, some Cota family went back to Baja California. Manuel Cota is my grandfather. I will check into it. [Pamela Ortega Lima (nonmember), Santa Ana, Calif.]

Pregunta 188 - 6 April 2004

I am looking for information on Manuel Corrales and Vicenta Arias, who had several children, four I know of for sure, Manuel Jr. (born 1877), Jose Francisco, Carmen, Nash, and Charles (born 1886).  Manuel and Jose were baptized at St. Joseph's in San Diego, Calif. in 1887 and 1890 respectively.  From some information I have received, Manuel Sr. was Spanish and Vicenta was a native woman. I know nothing else about these relatives.  [Dawn Thompson (nonmember), Costa Mesa, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 188 - 13 June 2004

Historian Pablo L. Martínez recorded vital records from most of Baja California in Historia Familiar de Baja California. Included in the civil marriage records are the following:
Vicenta Arias married Espiridión Córdoba on 1 April 1871.
Vicenta Arias married Manuel Corrales on 16 June 1873 at Real del Castillo.
Included in the birth records of Ensenada is the following:
Ignacia Corrales was born 26 February 1873 in Real del Castillo. Her father, Manuel Corrales, was born c1845 in Suaqui, Sonora, "de raza mexicana no indígena" (non-Indian Mexican), son of Ignacio Corrales and Guadalupe Córdoba, both natives of Sonora. Her mother, Vicenta Arias, was born c1857, "de raza mexicana no indígena", daughter of Bernardo Arias and Jesús Soto, both natives of Sonora. [Rondi Frankel (nonmember), Mexico City, D.F.]

Pregunta 187 - 19 March 2004

I am on a quest to find information on my great, great grandfather Francisco Castro, who was married to Maria Antonia Littlejohn, and their son Juan (John) Castro, whose first wife was Carmelita AlvisoFrancisco's father was Don Rafael Castro, who was married to Maria Soledad Cota. The family lineage continues with Rafael's father, Jose Joaquin Castro, who married Maria Antonia Amador, and the patriarch, Joaquin Isidro Castro, who married Maria Martina Botiller -- both of whom traveled with the second Anza expedition.

The information - obits, photographs - we've found is about Rafael and Maria Soledad, but nothing so far on Francisco and Maria Antonia Littlejohn.  My grandfather, Alfred Gregory Castro, was the oldest son of Juan Castro. We were given a very early photograph of Juan with two of his sisters. I would appreciate any help.  The Castro line on our family continues on in 10 generations today! Muchas gracias! [Julia Macias Brooks (nonmember), Wickenburg, Arizona]

Respuesta a Pregunta -- 26 December 2008

I'm responding to the
Maria Antonia Littlejohn relatives.  I am also a great great granddaughter to Raphael Castro and Maria Antonia Soledad Castro Maria Antonia Littlejohn was my great grandmother's mother.  Francisco Castro and Maria Antonia Littlejohn: I have met a few relatives on this site.  We did have pictures of Maria Antonia Littlejohn, but it was stolen off of the wall by a relative in California.  I was born in Salinas, California and all of my relatives, including Maria, are buried there. You can e-mail me anytime. (abergstrom@nc.rr.com )  Hope to here from the Littlejohn side of the familia. [Sarah Bergstrom (nonmember), Hope Mills, N.C.]

Respuesta a Respuesta 28 May 2004 - 23 September 2008

I am researching my husband's family. He is related to Santos Sancti Littlejohn through his great grandmother who was one of Santos' daughters. Her name was Eloisa Mary Littlejohn. She married twice, once to Luisiano White and the second time to a gentleman named Joaquin Dutra Silva. I would like to share information on my husband ,Stanley Romero's Littlejohn's links. I am interested in the query number 187 posted by a gentleman named Howard Smith as he seems to have a sizeable amount of information. [Mary Roberts Romero (nonmember), Snelling, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 187 - 28 May 2004

You are asking about my great grandmother, Maria Antonia Littlejohn.  She was born on 6 December 1836 and died 7 June 1916.  She had 18 children: number 13 Maria Antonia "Simeona" Castro was by grandmother.

As it happens, my wife and I just returned from a genealogy research trip to Arbroath, County of Angus, Scotland to research the Littlejohns.  I found family records going back to the early 1600s.  I believe I found the connection of the Scottish clan to the Castros of California.  Send me your e-mail address and we can correspond regarding the Littlejohns

Would you be willing to share copies of your photos of the family? [Howard Smith (member), Trinity, Fla.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 187 - 3 May 2004

Littlejohn family are part of my ancestry. I am Pregunta 185. I will  get back with you. [Pamela Ortega Lima (nonmember), Santa Ana, Calif.]

Pregunta 186 - 19 March 2004

I am searching for information of my mother's paternal family. All I know is that they were born in California in the early 1800s. They were good friends with Governor Pio Pico. The family names our Luis Estrada and Isabel Aguayo. They owned land next to the San Gabriel River in the Azusa/Duarte area and also in Pomona. Also the surname Aguirre has been mentioned. They baptized all their children at La Plazita in Los Angeles. [Gail Gonzalez Lopez (nonmember), Victorville, Calif.]

Pregunta 185 - 19 March 2004

Hi. I am a  granddaughter of Jose Martinez [Pregunta #65]. Individuals in my direct lineage are:  Juan LugoFrancisco Lugo, Andreas Cota, Pablo Cota , Manuel Cota-Lugo, Jose Martinez, Jose Manuel Boronda, Rosario Ugues, also known as Hughes.  I am also checking on my Grampa Ortega. Also, was my Grampa Jose Martinez related to Ignacio Martinez? If find out anything new, I w ill put it on the bill board for my family. Thank you. [Pamela Ortega Lima (nonmember) Santa Ana, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 185 - 3 May 2004

My Cota branches are from both Pablo and Roque. From Roque it is through his daughter, Maria Beatriz Cota, who married Jose Joaquin Higuera; then from their son, Jose Maria Higuera y Cota, who married his 2nd cousin, Maria de Jesus Cota y Romero  (daughter of Manuel Antonio Cota y de Leon and his wife, Maria Gertrudis Romero y Salgado. Manuel is the son of Don Pablo Antonio Cota y de Leon, who was Roque's brother. Jose Maria Higuera and Maria de Jesus Cota were the parents of Maria Gertrudis Higuera y Cota, who wed Don Bonifacio Antonio Buelna y Rodriguez, baptized 14 May 1827 in Santa Cruz.  Initial information was from Nathan Olivas.  [Mary Ryan (member), San Francisco, Calif.]

Pregunta 184  - 7 March 2004

Geronimo Joseph Francisco Arellanes was the son of Jose Teodoro Arellanes,  his birth was in 1812, marriage in 1839 (to whom?), in Santa Barbara, and death in Santa Barbara, the year? As you can tell my information is very sparse. Yes indeed, any help I would greatly appreciate.   Thank you. [John L. Green (member) Rocklin, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 184 - 3 May 2004

Geronimo (born 30 September 1812) married Petra Ruiz and had three children. He married second, Barbara Dominguez and had 11 children. I have dates of birth if you are interested. My line is to Jose Regino Arellanes. He was my third great grandfather and brother to Jose Teodoro. I have a picture of Jose Teodoro if you would like a copy. I also have all of the Certificate of Baptisms of all of the children. One other picture I have is Teodoro's daughters. I have everything for Geronimo. If you need these things send me an E-MAIL! Jam8Lrs@aol.com . Note new e-mail address. Send me an e-mail and I will give you some information. [James Larson (member), Paso Robles, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 184 - 19 March 2004

According to Dorothy Mutnick's books:
Jose Francisco Arellanes was born 30 September 1812; married 14 February 1831 to Petra Ruiz, who then died in March 1838. Jose remarried in January 1839 to Barbara Dominguez.  Her parents are listed as Jose Francisco Dominguez y Feliz and Maria Filomena Valenzuela y Quintero. All records cited were Mission Santa Barbara registers.  Mutnick notes that the family can be found in the 1860 federal census, in Santa Barbara County.  Mutnick "ends" in 1852, so no death dates  were given for the couple. Jose Teodoro Arellanes y Lopez married Maria Josefa Rodriguez y Parra on 4 March 1805.  Each of them had been married previously and widowed. [Julia Christy (member), Worland, Wyoming]

Pregunta 183 - 7 March 2004

Last year I posted a question (#124) regarding finding information on my family. Thank you all for your kind responses. One response that I have a question about was posted by Sheila Ruiz Harrell. It states that my great, great grandmother was a Native American and it appears that she was born in Los Angeles. What puzzles me is that I always believed my ancestors were members of the Salinan tribe. Actually, my great-uncle Johnny Garcia was very involved with them. But if she was born in Los Angeles, there is a possibility that I am of Chumash or Gabrielino descent....would that be right? And where would I be able to find any birth records or start to trace which tribe she belonged to? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The following is Sheila's response to my inquiry numbered 124: Mission Record, San Carlos Mats, no Entry # (TWT2), July 11, 1868-  Francisco Boronda, 38, h.l.  de  Manuel  y Juana Cota, with Juana Maria Villa, 30, h.l. de Reyes Villa y Pilar, India natl. del Pueblo de Los Angeles. [Sheila Ruiz Harrell (member, Los Californianos Genealogist), Modesto, Calif.]

I would appreciate any help that any of you could give me to point me in the right direction. Thanks Again, Sherry [Sherry Donovan-Moser (nonmember), Nevada]

Respuesta a Pregunta 183 - 19 November 2008

Eloisa Boronda and Joe Levenson are quoted .Eloisa would have been the step sister of my great grandmother
and apparently had written about the Borondas. Please could you tell me where to find these papers, publisher and title of the book? Thank you. [John Rotsart (member), San Diego, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 183 - 31 May 2007

Ms. Sherry Donovan-Moser - Would your Great Uncle be John Anthony [Blue Jay] Garcia? Blue Jay was born 8 Feb. 1905B. in Jolon, Calif. He died 2 Nov. 1980 in King City, Calif.. His mother was Mary Nattie Boronda born 24 Dec. in Jolon, Calif. She was part Salinan Indian. His father was Jesus Victor Garcia who was born Feb. 1861 in San Luis Obispo and died 2 March 1923 in King City, Calif.. If these are your relatives, you would have some Salinan Indian blood running through your veins. Jesus was my great uncle. My E-mail is jam8lrs@aol.com. I have a lot of information on the Salinan Indian Tribe as I am the . Salinan Tribal Historian. They are going for recognition in Washington in the near future. Some of Blue Jay's relatives are in the tribe.  [James T. Larson (member], El Paso de Robles, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 183 - 1 October 2004

Dear Sherry, On my ancestral paperwork, shows Francisco Laureno Boronda's spouse as Juana Maria Villa, 1836. Yet on the Indian Rolls it is Francisco L. Boronda  and Juana M. Silla. Is that her Indian name. That is on Eloisa Boronda and Joe Livenson paperwork. Is that the same Juana? I thought you might be interested. [Pamela Ortega Lima (nonmember), Santa Ana, Calif.]

Dear Theresa A. Russell, Yes, my Grampa, Jose Manuel Boronda, Sr. is listed in digger tribes. I need to talk to you. Is there a way you can write me? Sorry, I got back with you late. I wasn't on the computer for a month. I'm not on it all the time. Your Gramma is Juana Cota Boronda. Her name is on there, too.  My Gramma is Antonia Maria Manuela Conception Cota-Lugo. Manuel Antonio Cota -Lugo married Josepha Bruna Boronda. They had my Gramma Conception. I have a photo of her. Did you know my Gramma Josepha Boronda Bruna is on Gila River tribes? Reach me at my email -- limapamela@aol.com. [Pamela Ortega Lima (nonmember), Santa Ana, Calif.] 

Pregunta a Respuesta a Pregunta 183 - 18 May 2004

Dear Pamela Ortega Lima,
Jose Manuel Boronda was a soldier from the Spanish army.  Am I reading this correctly, you found him in the Digger tribes? Please see Wendy Moss's website:  http://www.mchsmuseum.com/cheese.html Respectfully, [Teresa A. Russell y Espinosa de Boronda (nonmember) Rancho Los Laureles, Carmel Valley, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 183 - 19 March 2004

Manuel Boronda was married to Juana Cota. I am a granddaughter of Jose Manuel Boronda, Senior, and also Andrea Cota and Pablo Cota are my grandfathers. I have seen paper work about  Juana Cota and Manuel Boronda, you would find them in the Digger tribes, Santa Ynez tribes, and Cahuilla tribes. Hope you find what your looking for. [Pamela Ortega Lima (nonmember) Santa Ana, Calif.]          

Respuesta a Pregunta 183 - 7 March 2004

Sherry, the record I quoted was from the Thomas W. Temple II abstracts. Because of errors found in his work, I have looked up a copy of the original record from the San Carlos marriages. This record is very difficult to read but the names are clear. There is no entry number, the two people are listed in the margin as Francisco Boronda y Juana Maria Villa. In the body of the record I can read that he is "38 años y natural --- Monterey con Juana Maria Villa hija de Reyes[?] Villa y de Pilar india  soltera de edad 30 años natural de Los Angeles y [??] en Monterey a la presensia [? de [?]  Boronda y Ma. Dolores Vasquez y varios otros." 

From what I read in this record, Juana Maria Villa is the legitimate daughter of Reyes Villa and Pilar (India). Juana Maria is single and 30 yrs old, natural of Los Angeles and now lives in Monterey. There is no surname listed for Pilar in this entry.

I searched through the Plaza Church baptisms, the abstracts by Mr Temple, and found only two children listed for Reyes Villa and Pilar Garcia. I do not have access to copies of the original records at this time but you might request the film from your local Family History Center, LDS. I did not find a baptism for your Juana Maria Villa, however there is one listed in the Temple abstracts for "Antonio Maria Villa", no gender listed, but it if for the year that would be right for your Juana Maria. It could be that Mr Temple misread the first name. This would be Entry #820, Jan 31, 1838. In Entry #633, Oct 2, 1836, Mr Temple lists Pilar with the surname of Garcia. As I noted above, there is no surname listed for Pilar in her daughter's marriage to Francisco Boronda. Until I see a copy of the original baptismal records for these two children I can't fully agree that her name was listed.

My suggestion would be to contact Dr John Johnson in Santa Barbara for information on connections with the Chumash or Gabrielino. He can be reached at  jjohnson@sbnature2.org

Pregunta 182 - 7 March 2004

Would like to find out if Francisco Marquez was a soldier at the time of the land grant [Rancho Boca de Santa Monica, see Query #86]. Also does anyone have any information about his son, Manuel, born about 1835. He also has a daughter, Mercedes, and a son, Francisco, I would very much like to find out who their mother is. Mercedes was born about 1857 and Francisco about 1859. They were born prior to the two marriages that I have seen. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you. [Kimberly (nonmember), Braidwood, Ill.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 182 -- 27 October 2005

Francisco Marquez and Mercedes Marquez were the children of Francisco Maria (Manuel) Marquez and Eselsa ????   I have a lot of information on these two families. Contact me by e-mail for more information. Francisco Marquez (son  of Manuel -- and so named in his will) and Rita Dorame were my husband's grandparents. annytonym@earthlink.net [Ann (nonmember), Canyon Country, Calif.] Note: It is always appreciated if you would include this site in the exchange of information. There are many who follow the query discussions who would find such information helpful in their own research. La Tejedora

Respuesta a Pregunta 182 - 10 February 2005

Respuesta a Pregunta February 1st 2004 [?? sic] - regarding Marquez family - please privately email me for more information on the Marquez family of Santa Monica, Calif. [Candida Marquez (nonmember), Pine Ridge, South Dakota candidamarquez@hotmail.com ]

Respuesta a Pregunta 182 - 29 October 2004

Yes, Francisco's son was Manuel. His son was Alonzo. Alonzo's sons were Gerald, Donald, and Paul. Alonzo died in 1982 in Morro Bay, Calif. His sons all moved to Oregon after WW II. Only Gerald is living. [Gary Marquez (nonmember)]

Pregunta 181 - 21 February 2004

My husband's grandfather was a descendant of the Mariano Cordero and Pablo Pinto families and his grandmother was a descendant of the Marcos Briones and Felipe Tapia families. His great grandmother, Petra Rafaela de Jesus Ramirez, was
born 23 October 1841 at Mission San Juan Bautista to Ysidora Pliego (AKA Jalapa, Halapa) y Briones and Pascual (Pasqual) Ramirez. Rafaela's brother, Jose, died and was buried on 26 September 1844 at Santa Clara Mission. Has anyone ever seen the name Pascual Ramirez? Pascual died and was buried in January 1844 at Mission Dolores. Since Petra's ancestors were Mission soldiers, I am wondering if Pascual was a descendant of a mission soldier. Rafaela's mother's father was named Jose Narciso de la Encarnacion Pliego. Has anyone ever seen the name Pliego? We would very much appreciate any information or advise you might give. Thank you. [Machado (nonmember)]

Respuesta a Pregunta 181 - 9 February 2008

This is concerning Pregunta 181 - 21 February 2004 and
Pregunta 181 follow up - 2 March 2004

I have reason to believe that the young girl living in the household of Jose S Berry Messa (Berryessa) named Mariano, in the 1860 census in Contra Costa County, was the missing sister of my husband's great grandmother Rafella (Ramirez aka Jalapa) Moore. Rafaella (Ramirez aka Jalapa) Moore is in the 1870 census in Contra Costa Co,. in the same Township as Mariano. Both Rafaela and Mariano/a, were living with their mother Ysidora/Isadora Jalapa at Mission Dolores in 1846. We are still trying to find any of Rafaella's daughter's birth  or baptismal records. All of the daughters must have been born in Contra Costa Co. We are also still looking for a marriage record for Rafaella Ramirez and James Moore. Raphella grew up in Mayfield Calif., before moving to the Martinez/Pinole area of Contra Costa Co. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. [Machado (nonmember), Calif.]

Pregunta 181 follow up - 2 March 2004

I have a follow-up query on Pregunta #181 above. Petra Rafaela De Jesus Ramirez became an orphan at the age of nine because her father, Pascual Ramirez, and her mother, Ysidora Pliego (AKA Jalapa, Halapa) y Briones, were both dead and buried at Mission Dolores by 1850. According to Petra Rafaela's daughter, Ellen (Moore) Machado's death certificate, as a child Rafaela was living in the area that was to later become Mayfield. Petra Rafaela married James Moore (we do not know where) and Ellen Moore was born in the Pinole area (we do not know where) in 1861. In the 1870 census we found (Petra) Rafaela and James Moore along with daughters Ellen, Clemencia, and Isadora living in the San Pablo area( Contra Costa, Co.) in the Martinez post office district. By the 1880 census the family had moved to  Castroville, Calif. My question is, does anyone have any information for the Mayfield/Pinole area that shows a Petra Rafaela or a Rafaela Ramirez living in a household prior to 1860? Any help would be most greatly appreciated. Thank you. [Machado (nonmember)]

Respuesta a Pregunta 181 - 21 February 2004

Marie Northrop's Spanish-Mexican Families of Early California: 1769-1850, Vol. I, has the following information on pp. 87-88. In 1813 Maria Agueda (Agatha) Briones married first Jose Narciso de la Encarnacion Pliego. In 1821 she married Francisco Lisalde. Maria Agueda was the sixth child (second daughter) of Marcos Joseph Briones [born about 1757 at San Luis Potosí, México of Vicente Briones and Maria Antonia de Padron; died December 1841 at Monterey, Alta California] and Maria Isidora Tapia [born about 1771 at Culiacán, México of Felipe Santiago Tapia and Maria Filomena Hernandez; died about 1812 at Santa Cruz]. They were married 27 September 1784 at Mission San Carlos de Monterey and had a total of 13 children. Felipe Tapia came in the 1776 Anza Expedition. Marcos Briones came with his father to Alta California in 1771; invalido at Branciforte in 1791-1880; comisionado at Branciforte in 1812; living at San José in 1804-1841. [Benita Gray (member), San Diego, Calif.]

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