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This page is for the exchange of genealogical information relevant to
early (pre 1848) Hispanic Californians 
(also called Californianos or Californios) and their descendants.
We will include both question and answers, for the benefit of all the cousins of the questioner.

Los Californianos does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information appearing on this page. It was collected and submitted by a family history enthusiast just like you, and has not been verified. When you use this information, please realize that it is meant to be a research tool, not a source of completely error-free material. The genealogical information provided here should be a starting point from which you continue your research. Please take the necessary steps to verify all information before permanently adding it to your own collection of family information. La Tejedora


Pregunta 300 - 24 July 2005

My grandfather was baptized  and married at the San Gabriel Mission in the 1800s, How can I get information from the San Gabriel Mission? And do they charge? [Geri Rios (nonmember), Montebello, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 300 -- 27 October 2005

If you are looking for marriage records for the San Gabriel Mission, go to www.voxlibris.claremont.edu/sc/online.marrinvest.

They have wonderful records of marriages taking place at the mission and they are very user-friendly:  there is a complete list of marriages, listed by men and women separately, as well as another list for Native American women married at the mission. You can also view copies of the original marriage documents (although they can be very difficult to read).  Good Luck! [Aguilar (nonmember), Elk Grove, Calif.]

Pregunta 299 - 15 July 2005

Can you tell me where I might find marriage records of early settlers' marriage announcements? Would probably have been between 1848-1854? My great great grandfather came to California sometime between 1846 and 1848 from Texas. He spoke fluent Spanish and when applying for a land grant in Texas in 1826 he had to declare that he would practice only Catholicism. I feel that is a real possibility that he married a Spanish or Mexican lady He was killed in a duel near Oakland in November 1854. The newspaper spoke of a wife, and that she stayed in Oakland with her family while the participants in the duel traveled approximately 10 miles southeast of Oakland for the duel. Col. Devereux J. Woodlief (my great great grandfather) was killed in the duel and buried in Yerba Buena Cemetery and then in December of the same year his body was moved to the Oakland area. I have been unable to find his grave and the name of his wife. Do you have any suggestions? What Mexican or Spanish family would have had land in 1854 in Oakland? Thank you for any information that you might have. Best Regards, [LaQuencis Scott, 300 Jacaranda Dr., Danville, Calif. 94506 quenci@sbcglobal.net]

Respuesta a Pregunta 299 - 2 February 2010

I am the great-grandson of Peter William Woodlief, the younger brother of Devereux J. Woodlief  from Virginia, to North  Carolina, to New Orleans, La, to Texas. [Massai Woodlief (nonmember), Laplace, La.]

Pregunta 298 - 15 July 2005

My grandmother, Margarita Lambourn, was the granddaughter of Avelino Duarte, for whom the city in Southern California is named.  But the current Duarte family is not aware of this, since the connection with the Duarte family was through an Indian mistress Avelino had.  She worked at what is now known as the Temple Homestead. Can someone put me in touch with a family historian in the Duarte family now?  I can be reached at:  jimv@eburg.com.  I am a descendant, but not recognized as such. Thanks so much [James Fraijo Vasquez (nonmember, but should be), Ellensburg, Wash.]

Pregunta 297 - 15 July 2005

Does anyone have any information regarding the name Duarte, in regards to the Castro, Lugo, De La Torre, Cota lineage. Any information at all relating to the name Duarte would be appreciated. Feel free to contact me at Mellowgander@aol.com, Sincerely [Leonard Turnbull (nonmember), Aurora, Colorado] Note: see also Respuesta filed between Preguntas 322 and 323.

Respuesta a Pregunta 297 - 15 July 2005

According to Marie Northrop's Spanish-Mexican Families of Early California: 1769-1850, vol. II, pp. 74-77, 287-289 some of the connections you may be looking for are as follows. [Benita H. Gray (member), San Diego, Calif.]

Maria Francisca Duarte [baptized 21 April 1808 at Mission San Gabriel] married Juan Maria Lugo 8 February 1825 at Mission San Gabriel. Maria Francisca was the daughter of Juan Joseph Duarte [born about 1765 at Los Alamos, Sonora, Mexico of Jose Maria Duarte and Juana Gertrudis Perez; buried 7 January 1818 at Mission San Gabriel] and Maria Gertrudis Guadalupe Moreno [born 5 June 1783 of Jose Maria Moreno and Maria Guadalupe Perez (aka Gertrudis Rodriguez); buried 24 April 1858 at Los Angeles Plaza Church, viuda (widow)] who married 27 January 1799 at Mission San Gabriel. Juan was at Los Angeles Pueblo in 1809 as artilleryman in the militia and was still in Los Angeles in 1814.

Maria del Carmen Duarte [born about 1842] married second Mercedes Castro 17 February 1870 at Mission San Gabriel. Maria del Carmen was the daughter of Manuel Antonio Duarte [born 5 July 1801, the brother of Maria Francisca above; baptized 6 July 1801 at Mission San Gabriel] and Maria Apolinaria Ontiveros [born about 1802 near Mission San Luis Rey (Mission records missing) of Juan Patricio Ontiveros and Maria Antonia Rodriguez] who married 5 May 1821 at Mission San Gabriel.

Maria Alta Gracia de la Torre [died 24 December 1907] married Rosario Duarte 21 December 1854 at Mission San Carlos de Monterey.  Maria Alta Gracia was the daughter of Jose Joaquin de la Torre [born about 1785 at Santander, Spain; buried 5 July 1845 at Mission San Carlos de Monterey] and Maria de los Angeles Cota [parents Pablo Antonio Cota and Rosa Maria Lugo; baptized 21 August 1791 at Mission Santa Barbara; buried 21 May 1877 at Mission San Carlos de Monterey] who married 3 August 1803 at Mission San Carlos de Monterey

Pregunta 296 - 8 July 2005

I am searching for the wife of my great great grandfather, Devereaux J. Woodlief. His first wife was my great great grandmother; however she died and he remarried in California. We think that he married either a Spanish or a Mexican lady. Does anyone have any ancestors that would have married D. J. Woodlief, sometime between 1846 to 1854 in California? Thank you for any information. Regards, [LaQuencis Scott (nonmember), Danville, Calif. (300 Jacaranda Dr. Danville, Ca. 94506)]

Pregunta 295 - 8 July 2005

Can anyone help me clarify the supposed connection between Andres Chavez, who died and is buried in the Yorba Cemetery in Orange County, and Julian and Mariano Chavez, the two brothers who once owned Chavez Ravine?  I have been told by several people (Irene Sepulveda, Dina Yorba) that Andres is a descendant of Julian or Mariano, but I've had no luck documenting the link.  Andres Chavez is my great great grandfather.  Thanks for any help or guidance.  Regards, [Steve Chavez (not at this time), Santa Monica, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 295 - 31 January 2009

Mariano Chavez had a son, Andres, by his second wife,  Maria Juana Lucero.  He was born in Los Angeles in 1854 and is listed with the family in the 1870 Census (where Mariano is enumerated as "Neanam Chavis").  Could this be your ancestor? [Alexander King (member), Los Angeles, Calif.]

Pregunta 294 - 30 June 2005

I am looking for the names of General Jose Castro's siblings, especially his sister who married James Moreno at about 1835.  They had a daughter Maria Del Refugio Moreno [born 1836; died 07 June 1916].  Maria married Guillermo (William) Antonio Hartnell, 16 Nov. 1850.
Thank you, [Ken Mayer (provisional member), Fremont, Calif.]

Pregunta 293 - 30 June 2005

Is there a record listing the names of some of the early Californios once buried at Mission Dolores Cemetery, San Francisco, Calif. and is there a record of some of these people whose graves were relocated to another cemetery? My antepasado, Josef Antonio Ma. Briones y Tapia, died 20 July 1846 or 1847, and was buried at Mission Dolores. He was born in 1786 or 1787 at the Presidio, Monterey, Calif., He was married 8 October 1817, Mission Santa Barbara, Calif., to Maria Demetria Ramirez. His parents were Marcos Briones and Ysidora Tapia. I have been unable to locate the grave for Josef Antonio Briones at Mission Dolores. Comments / suggestions are appreciated. [Lorri Frain (member), Mountain View, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 294 - 22 September 2007

Thanks to your [Doreen's] posting in the Roots Web bulletin board under "BRIONES", I did find "Demetria Ramirez" in the 1860 Mission San Luis Obispo! This solves the mystery of Demetria's whereabouts -- I always thought that she had remained in the Santa Barbara area.  Her husband, Jose Antonio Briones y Tapia, had been in San Francisco where he died in about 1847, buried at Mission Dolores.  Demetria and Jose Antonio were the parents of Benedicta Briones--Benedicta married Pablo Vasquez in Santa Barbara. [Lorri Ruiz Frain (member), Mountain View, Calif.] 

Respuesta a Pregunta 293 - 27 October 2005

I think I found your Briones in San Francisco on the Temple Mission CD. For Mission Dolores in San Francisco under burials it reads:
5513) May 3rd, 1847 - JOSE BRIONES, soltero, 60, of Marcos  y Ma. Ysidora Tapia.
5514) July 20,1847 - ANTONIO BRIONES, casado, de 63 anos, of same parents.

Also in the San Francisco burials record I found
5462)   1842 - MARCOS BRIONES, adulto.
This could be the father, or another family member. Good luck with your search, [Valerie Hall (member), Fair Oaks, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 293 - 15 July 2005

Maria Ignacia Isadora Tapia was married in Monterey. She was buried in Santa Cruz in 1812. You might want to check out Santa Cruz and Monterey. Northrop could have been wrong about his burial location. She was wrong on a few things but did one hell of a job in compiling her information. I have Tapia's in my past along with about twenty other families. [James T. Larson (member), El Paso de Robles, Calif.]

Pregunta 292 - 30 June 2005

I am working on my Talamantes and Farias lines, early California people in Los Angels and Orange Counties.

Pregunta 291 - 30 June 2005

Can anyone tell me anything about Francisco Casimiro Arce born Loreto, Baja California 1820-1822. He owned Santa Ysabel, a Mexican Land grant in San Luis Obispo County, Calif.   Bancroft shows him as owner about 1851, but somewhere else I read the land was granted to him in 1844.  At any rate Francisco C. Arce still registered as owner in the 1860s, but by the 1870s it belongs to the Ortegas.  I can't find out one thing about him.  Surely he belongs somewhere in the family. Do you have any idea who Francisco Casimiro Arce was? Also mentioned in Bancroft is an incomplete deed to a place called Punta Bunda (about 40 miles south of Ensenada)  I know about his military career but nothing about his family. [Lesley (nonmember), Long Beach, Calif.]


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