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Latest Update: 3 September 2012


This page is for the exchange of genealogical information relevant to
early (pre 1848) Hispanic Californians 
(also called Californianos or Californios) and their descendants.
We will include both question and answers, for the benefit of all the cousins of the questioner.

Los Californianos does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information appearing on this page. It was collected and submitted by a family history enthusiast just like you, and has not been verified. When you use this information, please realize that it is meant to be a research tool, not a source of completely error-free material. The genealogical information provided here should be a starting point from which you continue your research. Please take the necessary steps to verify all information before permanently adding it to your own collection of family information. La Tejedora

Pregunta 450 - 11 July 2007

I have been researching my ancestor, Jose Ramon Bojorques, and his wife, Maria Francisca Romero.  The popular history is that she was born in Villa Sinaloa.  To follow up on a question member Ellen McBride asked a number of years ago, is it possible that Maria Francisca Romero is the daughter of Jose Xavier Romero and Ana Josefa Mondragon from Sonora?  I've located a baptism record in Mission 2000 that shows her baptism by Fr. Ignacio Xavier Keller on 22 December 1744 at Guevavi.  The dates would match perfectly with her age listed on the Anza roster, Antepasados VIII, f.75.  Her father served at one time as a tiente at the Buenavista Presidio.  Ramon Bojorques was a veteran soldier who was taken from the Buenavista Presidio for the expedition.  If true, Maria Francisca Romero's grandparents would be Diego Romero and Maria Bojorquez.  Can anyone help or confirm what I'm finding in the records?  Thank you. [Tom Silva (member), Walnut Creek, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 450 - 27 October 2007

Hello Tom,  I am just started researching the Mission 2000 records in an attempt to put together my husband's family tree and I have found that it is very difficult to sort through these records.  I will be spending the next few weeks analyzing the data so I will get back with you with my results.  From a quick preliminary look at the records, I have put together a spreadsheet of the Romeros and I will need to sort through the Jose Romeros (Jose Antonio, Jose Xavier, Jose Manuel).  There was a Jose Romero who was the brother of Diego, a Jose Romero who was the son of Diego, and a Jose Romero who was the son of Rafael Romero.  If we can sort out our Joses then I think we can get the answer to your question.  It is my understanding that the Mission 2000 database is under constant revision to address conflicts such as ours where there may be a question as to tying the events of a name to one person that may actually be several persons.  There is a person to contact when such an outcome is discovered.  We have traced my husband's ancestors back to Francisco Romero (who was the son of Jose Romero and Maria Soledad Saenz) and Victoriana Ocoboa.  We have the same issue in trying to sort out the Joses.  If you know anything about these people it would be greatly appreciated.  I will get back with you as soon as I have spent some time going through the records.  You may want to check out the family trees under the help section in the Mission 2000 database if you have not already done so. [Laura Kantowski (nonmember), Tulsa, Okla.]

Pregunta 449 - 11 July 2007

Santa Barbara, Calif. is my birthplace and I am a descendant of the Cota family.  My maternal grandmother was Josephina Cota Zahlke, died around 1969, approximate age 83.  While living she was always recognized as a native daughter during the annual Santa Barbara Fiesta parade.   My grandfather (her second husband) Henry Zahlke was from Hamburg, Germany died 1946-1949.   He was a naturalized citizen.  There were several siblings male and female who lived near her home on Ortega Street.  I would like any information of the family background.  There are many stories which may or may not be true, such as the family owning an inn for weary travelers near Montecito, Calif.  This "Inn" was reported to be a house of ill repute.   Supposedly our family is from Spain and not of Mexican or Portuguese descent.  [Marcella Roylen Gullicks (nonmember), Dothan, Ala.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 449 - 6 September 2007

I was wondering if you or anyone else has heard of a Florentino Cota he was married to a woman named Josefa, I believe and he had at least 3 kids . His daughter Maria Ysabela Cota ( a.k.a Costodia) married Jose Oreol Moraga in 1869.  I can't find out any information and I would appreciate any info Thank you [Jackie (nonmember), Pensacola, FL]

Pregunta 448 - 29 June 2007

I am a linguist working on the Spanish language used in California before 1848.  I saw  your vocabulary list, but I was wondering if any of your members have letters or documents written in Spanish which they would be willing to show me to add to what I have found at the Bancroft Library and the California State Archives.  I would really appreciate any help you could give. Muchísimas gracias, [Dr. Lynette Nyaggah (nonmember), Rio Hondo, Calif.] LNyaggah@riohondo.edu

Pregunta 447 - 22 June 2007

What information do you have on John Collins, a.k.a, Juan Bautista, a.k.a Juan Colins? I know he was born in London in 1796,  and died in Baja Sur 1866.   Also interest in his  wife, Loretta Marron. [Beatriz Amador (nonmember), Rancho San Diego, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 447 - 9 February 2008

My name is Alicia Collins.   I am the great great granddaughter of John Collins and Maria Loreto Marron.  I am interested in communicating  with their  descendents to find all my  family roots. I have not  found out  who the parents of John Collins and Maria Loreto Marron are .   Thank  you for your help. My  email is aliciacollins4@hotmail.com [Alicia Collins (nonmember), Fontana, Calif.]

Pregunta 446 - 22 June 2007

Looking for information on Pedro Amador,  father of Jose Maria Amador. Where was he born and was he in Baja California Sur? If so, when?  Did he have a family in Baja California Sur? If he did, what was his wife's name, and how many children in Baja California Sur?  Also when was he in Baja Sur? [Beatriz Amador (nonmember), Rancho San Diego, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 446 - 11 July 2007

I have a great deal of information on Pedro Amador (my great-great-great-great-grandfather). Here's a sample:

Enlisted at Loreto, 1764 [Service record: TBL, C–A 16: 19]. With Portolá in second party to San Diego, and on to San Francisco under Portolá and Rivera [AGNM, Indiferente de Guerra, Legajo 3, 161 B]. With Rivera on his return to Velicatá, 11 February 1770, but did not return with him to San Diego in July 1770 [AGNM, Indiferente de Guerra, Legajo 3, 161 B]. Acting sergeant in Escolta de la Frontera at Velicatá, 1773. Obtained permit to resign and return to home in Cocula, 1774. After eight months absence, returned to Loreto simply as soldier [Bancroft, History of California, vol. II, p. 584]. At Misión Santo Domingo, 1780. In Sonora with Rivera conducting settlers to Alta California (missed Yuma massacre), 1781 [AHBCS, Político, 49]. Returned to Loreto, 1782, assigned to Escolta de la Frontera late 1782 and 1783, [AHBCS, Político, exp. 71]. Transferred 25 January 1784 to Presidio of Santa Bárbara [AHBCS, Político, 102]; promoted to sergeant in 1787 [AGS, Secretaría de Guerra,! Hojas de Servicio, leg. 7275, VII, 82; Bancroft, History of California, vol. I, p. 472]. Leader of the five to eight soldiers guarding new Misión de Santa Cruz, 1795–1797 [Bancroft, op. cit., p. 495]. Listed as retired 31 December 1801, 4 December 1815 [TBL, C–A 21: 76–77, 81]. - Men of the 1769 Overland Expeditions, Velicatá to San Diego by Harry Crosby

As the grizzled Sergeant
Pedro Amador wryly commented in his service record, the only compensation he had received for eighteen year's service in California was fourteen Indian arrows in his body. Colonial Life in Spanish California During the North American Revolution by Leon G. Campbell

I have quite a bit of his service record, his three wives and eleven children. Contact me at patgarcia@cebridge.net  [Pat Garcia (member), Colfax, Calif.]

Pregunta 445 - 22 June 2007

We are well into our research on Silvestre de la Portilla, my husband's great grandfather. He and brother Pablo, we think arrived around 1819. Pablo was with 3rd Company of the Spanish Army. Silvestre (#1, as we lovingly call him) seemed to have been involved at Mission San Luis Rey and eventually had Rancho Valle de San Jose. Indian problems, etc. caused it to become Warner's Ranch.
OK, we are looking for any information as to what happened to him after 1861, when he married, at age 60, Claudia Valdez, age 17. They had 7 or 8 children, some of whom we knew.

Anyone know of a painting of Silvestre #1 we have been trying to locate? It was Silvestre upon a horse in front of the Mission. We last saw it at the Mission in 1975 - any clues on how to trace it would be appreciated. The Mission seems not to be able to assist us. Many thanks--p.s.--they changed the name to Portillo around 1880-??? [Bob & Sue Winters (new applicants), Twain Haarte, Calif.]

Pregunta 444 - 22 June 2007

 I have two questions. The first concerns my 5th great-grandparents, Felipe Santiago de la Cruz Pico and his wife, Maria Jacinta de la Bastida, who along with their family, including my 4th great-grandfather  Jose Miguel Pico, were members of the de Anza Expedition to Alta California. The ultimate goal of the expedition was to establish a settlement at San Francisco. However, it seems that the Pico family ended up in Los Angeles rather than in San Francisco or any of the towns nearby. Did they simply leave the expedition when it reached Los Angeles, or did they continue on up to San Francisco and then return to and settle in Los Angeles? By the way another pair of my 5th great-grandparents, Jose Ramon Bojorquez and his wife, Maria Francisca Romero, were also members of the de Anza Expedition, but they remained with the expedition for the full journey and were among the founding families of San Jose.


My second question concerns yet another set of  5th great-grandparents, Jose Fernando de Velasco y Lara and Maria Campos. After Jose Fernando left Maria and their children stranded in Santa Barbara and returned to Mexico, she married a man named Luis Gonzaga de Lugo. Luis' father was Francisco Ginez de Lugo. Are these de Lugos related to my 6th great-grandfather Jose Francisco Salvador de Lugo, husband of Juana Maria Martinez y Vianazul, and furthermore , along this same line of questioning, was my 5th great-grandmother Maria Josefa de Lugo, wife of Domingo Ruiz, related to either Francisco Gonzaga de Lugo or Jose Francisco Salvador de Lugo? [William J. Romo (member), Ottawa, Canada]

Respuesta a Pregunta 444 - 11 July 2007

Felipe Santiago de la Cruz Pico was a soldier recruit with the second Anza expedition.  Although he appears on the 31 December 1776 San Francisco Presidio roster, Antepasados Vol. II, 1977, there is speculation that he never served in San Francisco.  He was reassigned to  San Diego at some point in time in 1776 and he then appears on the San Diego Presidio rosters.  He raised most of his family there and retired from the army before 1790.  He received permission from the government to retire at Los Angeles and is listed there in the 1790 Los Angeles Census.  In his later years, he and Maria Jacinta Bastida relocated to the Santa Barbara area where their son Miguel Pico was a soldier at the presidio, and married to Casilda dela Cruz Sinova Maria Jacinta died and was buried at the Santa Barbara Presidio Chapel Cemetery on 15 May 1796. Miguel and his brother Patrico were grandees for Rancho San Jose del Gracia de Simi in 1795.  Miguel retired from the military and served as the mayordomo of Mission San Buenaventura.  Santiago de la Cruz Pico was living with Miguel Pico when he died and he was buried at the Mission Cemetery on 12 May 1815.

Ramon Bojorques served as a soldado de cuera at the San Francisco Presidio and  he also served as the cabo of the escolta for both the San Francisco and Santa Clara Missions.  You can find an interesting anecdote about him in later life in San Jose in Californio Voices - The Oral Memoirs of Jose Maria Amador and Lorenzo Asisara, edited by Gregorio Mora-Torres. I've been told he is buried under the church floor at Mission San Jose.  Hope this helps.  [Tom Silva (member), Walnut Creek, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 444 - 22 June 2007

According to Marie Northrop's Spanish-Mexican Families of Early California 1769-1850, Vol. II, p. 206: "Felipe Santiago de la Cruz Pico: Left Tubac on 23 October 1775 as recruit with Anza; of San Francisco Company in 1776; at San Diego 1782-83; vaquero at Los Angeles 1790; grantee San Jose de Gracia de Semi." [Benita H. Gray (member), San Diego, Calif.]

Pregunta 443 - 22 June 2007

TI would like information on the life of Sister Vincenta Bermudes who is buried at the Santa Barbara Mission.  She was only 20 years old and died on Dec. 25, 1863. [Susan Clark (nonmember), Orlando, Fla.]

Pregunta 442 - 14 June 2007

I would be interested in learning any information available on the ancestry of Francisco Maria Josef de Castro and his wife, Zeferina Limon.  Is it known, for instance, when this Castro family came to Mexico and from where? [John Bryan Starr (member), New Canaan, Conn.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 442 - 3 September 2012

Here's a bautisomo record I came across (not allowed to post pic if copyrighted) of D.n Fran.co Maria Joseph de Castro and D.a Maria Zepherina Limon ... the year was 1768. This record is # 259.

Please forgive any errors. Names are as they are written here, but some other letters (other than names) are a bit hard to decipher. Overall, it's nice writing.

Reads (in Spanish) as follows:

En veinte y un (21st) dias del mes de Agosto de 1768 en La Yglesia (church) de esta Miss.m, y Peublo dela PuriSsima Concepcion de Cadegomo: Bautize Solemnemente a una Nina nacida (born) el dia dies y seis (16th) de dicho mes y Ano, (same month, year) como a los y de la manana, hija legitima de D.n (Don) Fran.co (Francisco) Joseph (pronounced Josef) Maria de Castro, y de D.a (Dona) Maria Zepherina Limon su Esposo; dela Villa de Sinaloa, y Soldado dela Real Esquadron de Nra. (Nuestra) Sr.a (Sonora or Santos?) de Loreto dela California, y Administrador de las tempo-ralidades de estra Miss.n. Pursele por nombre (child's name) Maria Josepha Fran.ca (Francisca) Zepherina de Castro. Fueron sus Padrinos D.n Joseph Christoval Ramirez Soldado de dicha Esquadra;; y D.a Ma-ria Thereza de Castro: a quienes adverti el Parentesco Espiri-tual, y obligacion yo Contrajeron. Y parago Conste ser alsi verdad Lo firme en dho dia, mes, y ano (confirms/attests this is so, same day, month, year) ~ F.r Juan Crespi.

This record does not provide grandparent info.  [Lisa Marie Cross (non-member), Palm Springs, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 442 - 29 June 2007

I have just a little information on Francisco Maria Josef de Castro, but nothing any further back.
Per Harry Crosby's Antigua California:
Born about 1725 at Villa de Sinaloa, died 1770 at Loreto; wife Maria Zeferina Limon (I have no further information on her.).  Enlisted in Presidio of Loreto, Escuadra del Sur, before 1751.  By 1754 Castro had been promoted to sergeant and entrusted to conduct a series of legal hearings.  He remained in the south until 1768 then was made mayordomo of Misión de la Purisima (Alta California).  He was literate. Hope this helps, [Valerie Hall (member), Fair Oaks, Calif.]

Pregunta 441 - 14 June 2007

I would like to  now what the last name Moyza, means and where it originated from? [Vanessa Lemus (nonmember), El Centro, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 441 - 29 June 2007

I am Moyza by my mother from Arivaca, Arizona. My grandfather was Floencio and Ufemiano Moyza. We are supposedly to be of Italian descent. Rancho Moyza was a ranch in Arivaca, Arizona. [Daniel Moyza Valenzuela (nonmember), Tucson, Ariz.]

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