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This page is for the exchange of genealogical information relevant to
early (pre 1848) Hispanic Californians 
(also called Californianos or Californios) and their descendants.
We will include both question and answers, for the benefit of all the cousins of the questioner.

Los Californianos does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information appearing on this page. It was collected and submitted by a family history enthusiast just like you, and has not been verified. When you use this information, please realize that it is meant to be a research tool, not a source of completely error-free material. The genealogical information provided here should be a starting point from which you continue your research. Please take the necessary steps to verify all information before permanently adding it to your own collection of family information. La Tejedora

Pregunta 510 - 5 June 2008

I´m requiring information, about, Manuela Maitorena, married to Pablo de la Toba [de la Torre? La Tejedora]. Manuela Maytorena was born in Loreto, Baja California in 1825, she was the daughter of  Jesús Maitorena and Isabel Ruiz. [Fernando Murillo-Lopez (nonmember), Mexico City]

Respuesta a Pregunta 510 - 23 September 2008

Manuela Maitorena Ruiz and Pablo de la Toba, both of Loreto, Baja California Sur, were married in
La Paz, Baja California 10 October 1844. Manuela died in La Paz on 14 August 1880. These dates are documented by Pablo Martinez, in Guía Familiar de Baja California. [Rondi Frankel (nonmember), Mexico City]

Pregunta 509 - 18 May 2008

I am researching my ancestors from San Jose del Cabo: Guadalupe Marron and his spouse, Thomasa de Arce, parents of Magdalena Marron Arce.   Was Thomasa de Arce the daughter of Sebastian de Arce and Francisca Velasques Garcia? Francisca was the daughter of Jose de Velasques of the Portolá Expedition.  This is what I assumed from Crosby's books, Antigua California and Gateway to Alta California and Last of the Californios. [J. Blanco (nonmember), San Diego, Calif.]

Pregunta 508 - 18 May 2008

Looking for a line, (link) for Juan Cordero, married to 'Espinosa', possibly 'America' in the 1850s. Juan was the son of, Miguel Cordero and Maria Jiminez. 'America' was born to Jose Acencio Espinosa, and possibly a Pico, in about 1845. These are the line to Laguarda Cordero, born in 1854. [Dan Cordero (nonmember), Carpinteria, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 508 - 18 May 2008

According to Marie Northrop's Spanish-Mexican Families of Early California 1769-1850:
Vol. II, p. 211 Maria Ignacia Pico [born of Jose Miguel Pico and Maria Casilda de la Cruz Sinova, baptized privately 6 December 1804, baptized 8 December 1804 at Mission San Fernando] married Jose Asencion Espinosa 16 January 1825 at Mission Santa Barbara. [Benita Gray (member), San Diego, Calif.]

Pregunta 507 - 18 May 2008

I am looking for a Vasquez family, possibly from Half Moon Bay, and wonder if someone might be able to help me.  Mary J. Vasquez, born about August 1845, married Thomas C. Gaines in 1864.  Their eldest daughter, Lucy Jane, was born in 1865  (according to her obituary) in Half Moon Bay.  However, I have been unable to connect Mary J. Vasquez to any Vasquez family who lived at Half Moon Bay.  I have requested a copy of Mary's death certificate, but in the meantime, I have noticed that there are a Marcelina Vasquez, age 15 and a Modesta Vasquez, age 13, listed in the household of Tiburcio and Maria Vasquez in the 1860 San Mateo County census.  I have not been able to find any evidence that these two girls are Tiburcio's children, at least they are not in any list of his children that I have found so far.  Does anyone know who they were?  Marcelina is the right age to have been the Mary J. Vasquez I am looking for, although I'm not sure Mary =  Marcelina.  If Marcelina and Modesta are grandchildren of Tiburcio, who was their father?  I have not been able to find any other Vasquez listed in any census who could be the Mary I am looking for. Mary J. Vasquez and Thomas C. Gaines were living in Gilroy Twp. in (then) Santa Clara county in 1870 and a few years later moved their family to Tulare County, where Mary died in 1920. I would appreciate any help anyone might be able to give me. [Carol Brown (nonmember), Hanford, Calif.]

UPDATE -- 26 December 2008

Thanks so much for the responses to my original question regarding the parents of Mary Angel Vasquez.  After additional research, I believe that Mary might be the daughter of Jose Antonio Dolores Vasquez and Maria del Rosario Josefa Amesquita.  Their fifth child (of 21) was Maria de los Angeles Calletana, baptized at San Luis Obispo de Tolosa on 25 December 1844.  Jose Antonio Vasquez was the son of Felipe Vasquez and Maria Nicanor Lugo, and the grandson of Tiburcio Vasquez and Maria Antonia Bojorquez.  The connection to Tiburcio and Maria Antonia could explain Mary Angel's connection to Half Moon Bay.   Any information regarding the family of Jose Antonio Vasquez and Josefa Amesquita would be greatly appreciated. [Carol Brown (nonmember), Hanford, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 507 - 17 October 2008

I am the great great grandson of Marcellina's sister Barbara Vasquez. I would be happy to share with you anything I might have on the family. Please contact me @  juanblanco@msn.com . [Jonathan White (member), Tacoma, Wash.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 507 - 20 August 2008

The information I have is from the La Peninsula, May, 1945 page 4. This a 1860 Memorandum of families of Our Lady of the Pillar Church. It gives the head of family and wife and children plus age. It seems to give the information, if it is a step-child. Tiburcio Vazques 63, Albina Hernandez 53,  Children: Juan Jose 30, Barbara 28, Ciriaca 26, Luciano 24, Francisco 22, Francisca 20, Pableo 16, Marcellina 16, Modesta 15. I hope this will help Ms. Brown. [Marian Wyman Works (member), Anacortes, Wash.]

Pregunta 506 - 18 May 2008

I'm searching for information on Narciso Botello's death, when and where he died and was buried, as well as his family. Narciso arrived in Los Angeles in 1833. He had a wife, Francisca Ruiz, and two children, Narciso and Francisca, that appear in the Los Angeles census of 1850. These two children do not appear in the 1860 census, but a possible third child, Maria, does. After 1860, I can not find any records for Narciso's wife or his children. There are many historical references to Narciso in Los Angeles and California. Narciso recorded his Anales del Sur de la California to Thomas Savage while living at the Santa Maria Rancho near San Diego in 1878 at the age of 63. This is the last dated record that I have for Narciso. Any input would be appreciated on what happened to Narciso and his family. [Stan]

Pregunta 505 - 18 May 2008

Does any one know of a friar named Ferlin who was in the one of the missions in California  about 1700-1845 - more or less.  Could be he was not a friar, but worked close to the missions. Please help!! Thanks [Isabelle Sosa (nonmember)]

Respuesta a Pregunta 505 - 12 July 2008

I don't know if this is even of any help, but the closest name to Ferlin that I found was Fermin, as in Padre Fermin Francicsco de Lasuen. He was probably at all the missions at one time or another. He came to California in 1768, became Presidente of all California missions in 1785 after the death of Junipero Serra. Padre Lasuen died in 1803.

Pregunta 504 - 18 May 2008

When I began my maternal family history project,  I was under the impression that we had Irish ancestors and found Spanish surnames only in our line, and so the Irish story was a myth.  However, in 2008, I accessed the 1910 and 1920 U.S. Federal Census reports searching for Pedro Moreno, my great grandfather from Ventura County.  Pedro "Marsha" is listed; Moreno shows up under the yellow icon. His wife, Tomasa, and their children at home were also listed under Marsha. That is probably the reason why my great grand aunts were of the opinion that they were connected to the Irish. Does anyone know how or where I can find out why  there was a name change from Moreno to Marsha from 1910 - 1920? Thank you. [Lorri Ruiz Frain (member), Mountain View, Calif.]

Pregunta 503 - 10 April 2008

Looking for information. on Luis Doroteo Carrillo, married to Maria Gallardo.  They were married at Mission San Juan Capistrano, in the year 1878, month of  October. If anyone out there knows anything about the family could you please  help? We trace our family back to Juan Carrillo and Lucia Millan (Millar). Our grandparents were orphaned. They went to orphanages back in Banning Calif. and to St. Frances de Pauw in Hollywood . But we know about Miss Mathias Frolm St. Frances de Pauw since we were 10 years old.  Can't find information on the school either. Help. [Viki (not yet member), Chula Vista, Calif.]

Respuesta a Pregunta 503 - 31 December 2012

I am descended from Lucia Millan and Juan Carrillo also. I did not have the name Luis Doroteo Carrillo as one of their children but I do have 6 others, including 2 of my great grandmothers- Maria Antonio Victoria and Maria Ygnacia. I have lots of info on the descendants  of those 2 sisters. I am still looking for the name of Lucia's mother.  You can write me at  isabel-ayala@sbcglobal.net .  [Isabel M. Ayala (non-member), Shafter, Calif.]

Pregunta 502 - 10 April 2008

I am seeking information on the parents of Eufemia (Contreras) Parra.  I have learned that she was born in what is now Riverside County, California.  The 1860 Census indicates that she was born around 1837.  Her husband's name was Alejo Parra, the son of Miguel and Maria Antonia (Castillo) Parra. Early mission records indicate that the Parra family lived in the San Juan Capistrano area in the  early 1800s. [Rudy Reyes (nonmember), San Diego, Calif.]

Pregunta 501 - 10 April 2008

My great grandfather was Cayetano Cota, originally from Mexico although not exactly sure where in Mexico.  He can be found on a couple of census records for San Diego County. His wife was Benedita Ramirez. My question is, is she the Benedita Ramirez whose father is Maria Jose Ramirez and mother is Maria Dolores Palomares, both having a rich history from Santa Barbara area?  Cayetano used to own a rancho named Ville de las Viejas, where the Viejas Indian Reservation and Casino are at present. I have a copy of the original sale of land.  I have Benedita's date of birth as about 1838-1844. Please help, I have hit a brick wall. Thanks in advance.  Sincerely [Dorothy Estela Cota (nonmember). El Cajon, Calif.]
UPDATE -- 17 May 2008I am sort of responding to the question about Cayetano Cota who was my paternal great grandfather, I know he was born in Mexico although I do not know where in Mexico exactly.  He at one time owned a rancho in the east county of San Diego named Valle de las Viejas, where the Viejas Indian Reservation now is.  I also know that he was married to a Benedita (Palomares) Ramirez, my great grandmother.  My question is , is this the same Benedita Ramirez whose father is Jose Maria Ramirez, born about 1800 in San Andres Chalchicomula, Puebla, Mexico and Maria Dolores Palomares, born about 1827 in Los Angeles, California? I would appreciate any information, so that I can link my Benedita to her family. I am told that she was born in Santa Barbara, California, is this true? [Dorothy Cota (nonmember), El Cajon, Calif.]



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